The campsite operate the Camping Key Europecard, which means that all the guest groups must be equipped with Camping Key Europecard.

For Reservations Cabin / Room

For reservations issued, usually a confirmation is sent to guests. Please check this so everything is correct.
For reservation to be valid, requires that the registration fee paid within 10 days after booking. The registration fee is 500 SEK of the total.The final payment shall be paid 30 days prior to arrival. See the date of the invoice.Reservation fee levied by 100 SEK

Cancellation insurance is available for a fee of 200 SEK to book a cottage and rooms.

Cancellation with cancellation insurance

Is cancellation insurance subscribed and you cancel your trip in connection with acute illness or serious accident suffered by yourself, spouse, partner, family or traveling companion, you must provide proof of your indisposed with a certificate from suchphysician, official, or insurance companies. You pay only when the cancellation, and (a cancellation fee) 5% of the rental amount, but not less than 200 SEK.

Cancellation without cancellation insurance

If you cancel more than 20 days prior to arrival, 50% of rental amount.

For cancellation between 20-7 days before arrival, 70% of the rental amount.

If you cancel less than 7 days before arrival, 100% of rental amount.

Amendment which means another day of arrival, departure or other accommodations are considered as a cancellation and new booking.

If no cancellation and the booked item is not occupied by the guest has the campsite right to counting the total price of the reservation.
Booked, not paid, item is held for the customer, unless otherwise agreed, to 18.00 on the closing date.

Check-in times

Check-in time at the campsite for cottages and rooms is at. 15:00.

Check-in time at sites is at. 13.00.


Check-out time for camping, cottages, rooms and the like are at 12:00. After the check-out the campsite owns the right to take out additional daily charge.

Standards of conduct

At the campsite the application of the Nordic camping organizations adopted standards of conduct. Locally, there are also some additional rules regarding the location of the unit on site, car parking, electric cables directions, sewage tanks, etc. based on the authority’s edicts.

Breaches of the regulations means that guests can be expelled from the site.


Guest arranges himself of the protection he deems necessary, such as liability, accident and baggage insurance. For guest who has checked with valid Camping Key Europecard for specific insurance for accidents at the site.


For camping apply payments in arrears by direct check-in without prior reservation. The guest, however, when requested, must pay fees and rent in advance. For cottages, rooms, etc. generally requires payment in advance.

Campsite liability

The campsite is liable for damage caused to the guest by proven negligence of the warden or by its staff as part of their official duties.

The campsite is not responsible for damage suffered by the guest of outsiders or other guest. Not for any damage that has been outside the camp ground control.

Only one car per housing.